The Beginning: A Meditation

This is my new blog.  My old blog was hyjacked by alien hackers.  They completely locked everything down and denied me access.  It took me a while to create a new space for me to write from.  I felt frustrated about the time and effort I had put into it all that the thought of creating something new seemed daunting.  But here I am again, unable to stop writing.  Perhaps it was a good thing I had to start over again.  It is all a practice.  All a lesson in something.  The fact that I am here and didn’t let my frustration hold me back too long is a positive thing.  Nothing can keep me from writing and I choose to write in an open space like this to practice vulnerability.  To write regardless of what anyone else has to say about my words or thinks about it all.  This is my practice.  My zen meditation.  

What are your personal passions? 

What do you always come back to that brings you joy?  

What do you practice that helps make up who you are?  

Is it writing?  Is it art?  Is it music?  Is it cooking?  Is it gardening?  Is it dancing?  Is it singing?  Is it reading?  Is it running? You fill in the blank.

Those are the things you must always nurture for yourself.  

Find your Zen.  


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